Living in Australia in many states we understand that storms are a part of life. For that reason it is vital that everyone is actively prepared before the storm season approaches. Check with your local city council to see when your area is most prone to storms. Involving the kids with the preparation of storm kits and procedures is actually one of the best ways to help children become less anxious about storms. Children need to know that there is a plan that’s why we have the ‘ what ifs’ so they can mentally prepare for any event. Have the children get involved in a Home Emergency Plan and the preparation of  a Home Emergency Kit. Ergon Energy provides a great emergency kit checklist.

Should a storm be approaching kids thrive on responsibility so have them check kit contents and count the batteries etc. This can be a good distraction whilst you focus on what else needs to be done around the home.

There are many apps and advance warning systems that can be sent to phones and email addresses to help us all be safe so take advantage of them. An example of one for Brisbane Qld residents can be found on the Brisbane City Council website or by clicking here.

Our key tips for staying safe during storms are:

  • Be prepared research what you and your family can do in the event of a storm.
  • Know what to do during a storm, in addition to staying calm.
  • Have a plan of what to do after a storm ensure your children know about the dangers of fallen trees and power lines.
  • Make sure children have on sturdy footwear before the storm approaches so if you have to evacuate suddenly, footwear doesn’t become an issue.

Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy is a Queensland electricity retailer however provides a lot of very useful information regarding what to do in a storm or cyclone and a variety of lists with safety tips for a range of different scenarios.

Brisbane City Council

This is an example of a local city council that provides information on storm safety and details of how to prepare for a storm. This website also provides useful contact numbers for the State Emergency Service, Red Cross etc as well as a list of the local radio stations so you can keep up to date with information in an emergency.