Young children can be unpredictable which is especially important to note around traffic. Their attention span can be short and they can be easily distracted which is why as a parent we need to be a second set of eyes and ears for them. However in saying that recognising that we can’t be with them all the time this page has some links to useful sites and tips for keeping your child safe on the road.

Our key tips for staying safe around the roads are:

  • Encourage your child to always hold a grown ups hand when crossing the road
  • If a grown up isn’t available make sure your child remembers to look left, look right and then look left again or stop, look and listen before crossing the road. If nothing else either of these processes encourages them to stop as they recite this mantra in their head giving them time to observe the traffic.
  • Always ensure your child sits in the appropriate child seat and wears a seatbelt every time they are in a vehicle.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of wearing a helmet when riding their bike or scooter – no helmet no ride!
  • Go through the various traffic signs so your child knows where it is safe to cross the road.


This is another site that really caters to children. It has some great resources by way of a variety of pdfs for different areas of road safety where they introduce Norman and Norma the Road Safety Roadbots. They also have a few interactive games where your child can do simple puzzles and learn about road signs and common road safety terminology.

NSW Centre for Road Safety

The NSW Centre for Road Safety, in conjunction with The Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program at Macquarie University developed a CD of catchy songs that teaches children about road safety. Although the CD was developed for Educators in NSW you can download 3 of the songs for free from the website page below. In their section on ‘Pedestrian Safety’ they also offer some handy tips.

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Dangers of driving distracted

For those of you with older children who are taking steps to gain their license and venture onto the roads. This website, while it does refer to the UK’s laws and statistics, it still offers some great information around the dangers of driving while distracted and using a mobile phone while driving.

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Tips for staying safe on your bicycle

Your first time riding on the roads can be a scary time. This website has some great tips for staying safe on the roads while riding your bike.