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Voice chat allows you and your loved one to communicate via a simple voice message. You will notice that for each mobile number you link to the watch you have the option to contact the person via a phone call or a chat. The images below show you how to use this feature.

A recorded voice chat can be sent from the watch to a registered contact who has the app on their phone with their own user login. Refer to How to Add Users to see how this can be done.

Voice Chat display

After tapping on the chat button for your linked contact on the watch, press the green microphone button to record your message. Once finished it will automatically be sent to the linked contact.

The contact will receive an SMS letting them know they have received a message. Once they have logged into the app they can listen to it by tapping on the avatar for the watch and choosing the voice chat button at the top of the screen.

To send a message back to the watch from the app, simply press and hold the record button at the bottom of the screen. An animation will appear to show the message is being recorded. Messages you have sent to the watch will appear in blue with messages from the watch displayed in grey.

Message received indicator in the red circle

Once someone sends a message to your watch you will hear a short tone to advise that a message has been received. The watch screen will then display a green icon next to the chat symbol. To listen to the message tap on the pink speaker icon and the message will play until finished.

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