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Our WiFi HotSpot feature allows you to set up to 2 Wi-Fi addresses that are trusted i.e. school or home. When the watch is locating using a saved Wi-Fi hotspot it will stop searching for a GPS location and as such will reduce the drain on the battery.

To set this feature please follow the below instructions:

> For the Desktop Platform – go to Device, then Device Details

> For the App – Go to Settings (3 white dots in bottom right corner), then My Devices

> If you have multiple Devices, select the Device you are updating the settings for

> Select Trusted Wi-Fi HotSpots, then

> Click on the Select button. This will bring up the most recent Wi-Fi locations that the watch has locked onto for locations.

> Choose the one you want, then give it a name to define this location e.g School and type in the physical address for the location.

> Save the changes

This feature is automatic and once set you will not be required to authorise the connection each time.

Once the watch goes out of range of that Wi-Fi hotspot it will automatically start searching using both Wi-Fi and GPS again.

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