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The iStaySafe watch requires an active Nano SIM with credit for Voice, SMS and Data. You have the option to use the Telstra SIM we have supplied in the box or use a pre-paid SIM of your choice. We recommend using the Telstra network for best coverage.

To insert your SIM, open the section on the back of the watch marked ‘SIM’ by lifting it off at the point marked by the small arrow.

Make sure you place the watch on a towel or soft surface, as the screen can get scratched when face- down on a hard surface.

Once you have removed the SIM cover, gently slide the silver SIM cover until you hear a ‘click’ sound and then flip open.

Gently place your Nano SIM in with the gold chip side facing down. Flip the cover back over the SIM card and slide it back the opposite way to close until you hear another ‘click’. Replace the back cover and push it until it clicks into place.

It is important to ensure that the SIM cover is closed securely.

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