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To begin, ensure that the watch is switched off by pressing the on/off button.

The charging lead for your watch can be found inside the packaging inside your watch box.

Attach the magnetic clip to the back of the watch by lining up the four gold pins as shown.

Plug the USB end into a USB charging plug or a USB port on a computer.

Place the watch on its side to avoid damaging the screen.

Once the charger is plugged in , the blue battery charging icon will appear on the watch face. When fully charged the battery icon will remain a solid green. It should take 1-2 hours to fully charge. It is important to remove the watch from the charger once fully charged as overcharging can reduce battery life.

The screen will go into a sleep mode after a few seconds. To check on its progress lightly press the on/off button while it is still plugged into the charger, the display will light up and show the battery icon again.


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