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Emergency contacts are any of six mobile numbers or three email addresses that alerts are sent to and also the only mobile numbers that can call and be called by the watch. You should add at least one emergency contact number. Note that 000 is not a suitable number to add as an emergency contact.

Save numbers using the international number format without spaces, for example, mobile number 0423 513 123 will be +61423513123.

Emergency contacts can be added via the iOS or Android app as well as the desktop version of the software.

To add your emergency contacts go to ‘Devices’, ‘My Devices’ menu tabs.

Once entered, you need to save the changes by tapping the tick in the app or by clicking on the save button in the left menu pane in the desktop platform.

The numbers will automatically save to the device when the SIM has an active data connection. If the changes do not automatically update, turn the device off and back on again.


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